Friday, 8 December 2017

Improvement - of a Sort

The fact that it has taken me 4 days to get around to writing this report should be proof enough that our 3-1 win over Leamington was not the most exciting of matches - and that my game in particular did not add much/anything to the rich tapestry of chess history.

But at least we won, which has been a very rare occurrence in the Leamington League this season, and in the process almost got ourselves back to 50%. The match was secured by two white wins.

Carl brought home the point on Board 4 despite playing 1 e4 and then 2 Qh5. He was soon  in retreat, but luckily it transpired that his opponent didn't understand the concept of the pin. So first Carl was able to take a pawn on b6, because the Black pawn on a7 was pinned in front of a rook on a8, and then he was able to take a pawn on c5 because the Black pawn on d6 was pinned by a bishop against a rook on b8. Another three black pawns also fell off, though I didn't see whether a pin was involved in any of these captures. Then one of the armada of white pawns cost Black a rook, and it was all over.

Andrew P has been having as bad a run as me lately, but returned to winning ways by beating Tom Darling on Board 2, even though his attempt to attack himself out of his poor form by playing the King's Gambit backfired, as Tom responded with the Falkbeer Counter Gambit. Andrew nursed his extra pawn carefully and despite a little bit of Black pressure swapped pieces off regularly to reach a winning ending,

The Kenilworth players of the Black pieces (Andy B and myself) had less to congratulate themselves about, and we will draw a veil across their rather unconvincing efforts to play for a win. Still, 2 draws did at least mean an ultimately comfortable 3-1 victory. So while yours truly remains firmly down in the dumps, the team at least got back on track. And in these continuing times of austerity, I suppose we must be grateful for any crumbs of comfort, however small they may be.

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