Sunday, 24 December 2017

The 2017 Christmas Quiz

Ben's 5 tips for surviving Christmas were all jolly useful, but unfortunately he missed out the all-important 6th tip - do the KCC Christmas Quiz. This fiendish brain-teaser (started as far back as 2017) is right up there with the Queen's Speech, Noel Edmonds at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Brussels sprouts as unmissable Yuletide institutions. So get your thinking caps on and strap yourselves in for a bumpy mental ride into the chess-iverse!

Your task in this year's quiz, is to identify the 36 Grandmasters suggested by the following 35 clues. All are still living, except those marked with an asterisk. Luckily, I was able to omit Russia's Semen Dvoirys on the grounds that the quiz is based on surnames, while I also took an executive decision not to include Indian GM Abhijit Kunte. And a few others where the only clues I could think of were in somewhat dubious taste - Nick Pert springs readily to mind!

The clues are a mix of the easy, general knowledge, cryptic, obscure and unfathomable (as are the Grandmasters themselves!), but in a seasonal spirit of generosity are presented in alphabetical order of the GM's surname, and additionally I have given both the number of letters in their names and their country of FIDE registration. Has this made it too easy? Well, maybe for Sherlock Holmes, but not for the alcohol addled brains that make up the KCC membership, I suspect!

Answers to follow after Christmas. Now, let's quiz! (And no Wikipedia-based cheating!)

1 As wielded by executioners of old (3 – Hungary)                           
2 Known as Himself in Ireland (6 - England)     
3 Half of a musical pair in overdrive? (8 - Paraguay)    
4 Courting couples favourite place in the cinema (6 - France)  
5 Is he also a scraper? (5 - France)         
6 Was he a private in the US Army? (8 - USA)    
7 The Titanic should have tried to avoid this (4 - Sweden)     
8 Oh no he can’t (3 - Turkey)                      
9 Shame he wasn’t born in Hastings (8 - England)   
10 Half of your front door bell? (4 - China)          
11 Eat at your own risk – usually after 5 pints (6 – Netherlands*)     
12 You'll find a couple of these in Mumbai (4 - England)   
13 Agreed, Agatha. Why didn’t they ask him? (5 – USA*)       
14 Robert Angler (7 – USA*)                      
15 Strongman’s athletic event (6 - Norway)       
16 The greatest Trojan of them all? (6 - Sweden)              
17 No relation to Rudolf, nor a fan of Spandau Ballet? (4 - USA) 

18 Two GMs with the same surname (6 - England)     
19 Sounds like a born Royalist (4 - England)    
20 Where you’ll find Milan (8 – USA*) 
21 Nissan pick-up truck model (6 – Czech Rep)        
22 Area where Crystal Palace play (7 - Andorra)     
23 What sex life does a monk have (4 - England)     
24 It’ll never heal if you do this (5 - Netherlands)                                               
25 Played in many a jazz band (3 – Hungary*)                                     
26 He’s actually rather tall (5 - England)                                                    
27 A needle pulling thread (2 - USA)                                                        
28 What Rick might drink his beer from? (5 – USSR*)                       
29 He half-inched something?! (5 – Slovakia)                                      
30 Was it heat or nerves that made him perspire? (6 – USSR*)    
31 Sounds like he’d fall if you nudged him (7 - Bulgaria)                  
32 A long, open container for animal feed (5 - USA)                         
33 The other half in overdrive (6 - Scotland)                                          
34 Elementary, my dear (6 - England)                                                
35 A female sheep (2 - China)

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