Friday, 8 December 2017

Zhukova Revisited

Avid readers of this blog should recall the sneaky quiz I set back in May of this year, when a list of famous chess players turned out to actually be a list of very unfamous racehorses. The only possible exception to that assessment, you may recall, was the 5-y-o mare Zhukova, who then secured a further claim to fame by becoming the first horse to get its picture on the KCC website.

To save you looking back at the old post, I'll just quote what I wrote about Zhukova (the horse, not the Ukrainian chess player - please try and keep up!):-

" ....if she never runs another race, she would still command a massive sales price (minimum £0.5 million, I would guess) as a prospective brood mare."

Well, its lucky I included the word minimum in that estimate, because Zhukova did indeed find herself at the sales earlier this week (Tattersalls, in Newmarket) where she slightly exceeded my guess. Because it took the little matter of 3.7 million guineas to acquire her, as you can see for yourselves by watching this.

I'm pretty sure you could buy a lot of GMs for that price!

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