Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Matt Finish

I was in attendance at the Abbey Club last night to support a protégé of Paul's. So with apologies to Captain Mike (who was not playing) I have taken the opportunity to offer this report.

Kenilworth's Billy Fellowes - turned seven years old last month  - made his league debut last night at the Abbey Club on bottom board against Adrian Grimes (Stratford C). Billy is almost certainly the youngest player ever in the League and possibly even in the whole of Warwickshire. He made a very good show with Adrian (and myself) of the view that Billy had the better of him in the opening. Sadly a simple error left Adrian with an extra pawn - supported and passed on the a-file. A flustered Billy then quickly lost a whole rook and the game ran away from him. After taking a moment to compose himself, Billy displayed bags of character and threw himself back into the game with gusto making Adrian work hard for his win.  A fine debut performance and Paul will be proud.

On board two Tony played in SPECTACULAR fashion with a Bishop check on about move five - but overlooking that he had just placed this Bishop en prise. No compensation - just a crap position. Not satisfied with just one piece down Tony dropped another in short order. Game over. A veil to be pulled over this one.

I did not see the opening of top gun Matt but whatever it was, it was 'irregular' - by about move six Matt faced his opponent's huge lead in development and total control of the centre with nothing in the centre and a Queen on a5. Perhaps it was super dooper hyper modern! Matt outplayed his opponent in the middle game and won a pawn but struggled to make something of it. After Matt missed an endgame skewer to win a rook a draw was quickly agreed.

So, Kenilworth D 0.5 Stratford C 2.5

I also witnessed a very strong Kenilworth play in the Open KO Cup against Banbury. Whilst the bottom four of the five boards seemed to be doing fine when I left, sadly, I saw Mr Lam lose on top board in his match - but as they say, that is another story.....

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