Wednesday, 31 October 2018

A visit from Shirley and Joshua

Our home game against Shirley B saw our guest player Joshua breeze through our club once again en route back to the north.

Mike was playing Dave Thomas with the black pieces. White allowed the exchange of dark squared bishop early on and allowed black to push his queen side pawns to advanced squares. With his pieces uncoordinated and pushed back, white then allowed black to get his queen to f2 which forced the win of material.

Gordon Christie chose an irregular defence against Joshua but unfortunately went wrong at about move 9, fought to save a piece and ended up trapped in the centre with whites pawns on d6 and e5 against blacks unmoved d pawn. In such a cramped position, defence was almost impossible and white won in 20 moves.

Phil was playing his 5th black for the team as he has to move down a board to allow us to play Joshua in grade order. A little bit of reverse development saw him emerge out of the Scandinavian opening at a slight disadvantage. However, white had developed his queen and knights onto unfavourable squares and this allowed black to get back into the game. A double rooks and double knights against double bishops and rooks proved favourable. White resigned when he lost a rook.

Dave's game was also a Scandinavian defence. Black's unusual line allowed white to emerge from the opening with more space and a tempo ahead. Unfortunately, white was unable to convert this advantage into anything tangible and reached an queen, even rooks and bishop ending. To make matters worse white then lost control of the d file and couldn't stop black getting into his position and winning material.

So another 3 - 1 victory with an excellent team performance.

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