Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Good result against Stratford

A evening out at the new Stratford venue and it was first against second. Initial fears of not being able to find the new Stratford venue in the dark proved unfounded.

Mike had white against Richard Mcnally. Richard played a sharp pawn sacrifice line straight out of chess history. Mike was able to return the material and retain the initiative. Careful play enabled Mike to neutralise black's possible sacrificial attacks and to get to an advantageous ending.

Phil's game was a marathon struggle against Colin Searle. Careful attack and defence by both sides resulted in an ending where white has better pawns but black had more space. White opted to try and play for a win and avoided repetition of moves. However, he overstretched himself and allowed his pieces to become trapped on the kingside. Black took advantage of this to push a passed queenside pawn. White failed to take the opportunity to give up his pieces for blacks remaining pawns which would have left a complicated piece ending that probably couldn't be won in the time available. White resigned when he was unable to stop blacks passed pawn.

Dave was playing David Gardiner. A line of the c3 sicilian left white with control of the c file and black pieces marooned on the queen side. White managed to open up black kingside with a piece sacrifice and then took advantage of inaccurate defence to mate black.

Ben had black against Richard Dobedoe. After a passive opening Black miscalculated when trying to simplify and reached an ending where his bishop was very short of squares and had lost control of the b file. White consolidated his advantage and won the ending.

Another good result for the B team, 1 - 3 on the night.

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