Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Through Gritted Teeth

Excellent news! The A team hauled itself off the foot of the Coventry League Division 1 table last night by picking up its first points of the season, thanks to a 2.5-1.5 win over Warwick University B. It was almost the perfect match - two wins with White and two draws with Black. Except that I lost to spoil things. Rats.

Ben finished first with a draw on Board 3 against Victoria Sit, after a fairly tortuous struggle where he was suffering for the entire game. Stalwart defence saved the day!  The same could not be said of my performance, as I went down rather horribly to  Louise Head on  Board 1. I rather burned my bridges by going all in with a kingside attack while my queenside fell to pieces. Several more bad decisions led to a total rout.

Which left the match situation looking pretty precarious. But Dave had been winning on Board 4 against Ben Lee almost straight out of the opening, and duly pocketed the full point to level the match. Mike was better and pressing against Andy Pollock on Board 2, but I thought Black was defending well enough to hold the draw. However, while I was busy analysing my game in the bar, things clearly happened as the next thing I knew was that Mike had won. The word "blunder" was uttered by Mike's opponent, but that's all the light I can shed on proceedings.

So never mind my own painful loss, the team won. And that's the important thing isn't it?

Meanwhile the B team went down by the minimum margin of 2.5-1.5 against  a strong Coventry C who fielded two players who were virtual ever presents in Division 1 last season.  Our junior participation was halved last night, so well done to Roy for getting a full team out. Jude notched another draw (he's a points machine!), while Algis weighed in with another win, taking him to 2/2 for the season in the Coventry League. Keep up the good work guys - that first match win is just around the corner!

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