Tuesday, 22 December 2020

2020 Christmas Quiz Answers (???)

I thought I would have a public go at answering this, to give everyone else a target to aim for (skip over this to Mark's post if you don't have your own answers yet). My main observation is the hardest thing about not being able to look anything up is trying desperately to work out how to spell various people's names. I hope Mark will be generous on this point, but I am not optimistic:

1) I don't know her name, but Bobby Fischer's wife is Japanese I believe, and I think possibly a WFM. I'll go for 2100 as a rating guess for someone with that title.
2) I have absolutely no idea, but it sounds like a good story.
3) I know Peter Svidler does, and I can;t think of anyone higher, so I'll go with him.
4) The only one I know is I think Buenos Aires. To go with that, I guess I'll just pick some generically popular chess places, so Moscow and Paris.
5) The woman must be Hou Yifan. It is presumably between Kasparov and Carlsen for the youngest man, and just because I don't recall people talking about it with Carlsen, I'm going to say Kasparov.
6) This must be one of the women who won it loads of times in the early days, and the only one I can remember the name of is Gaprindashvilli
7) Someone early on I suppose before he was established. Topalov perhaps.
8) Bruce, definitely Bruce, at the Telford congress. Played a fine move when he woke up as well if I remember correctly.
9) No idea at all.
10) Don't know about Sutovsky, but Kasparov and Radjabov were both born in modern day Azerbaijan, so I'll say that. 11) This is that silly g5 Najdorf isn't it. The only Argentinian I'll get is Panov. For the Soviets, let's say Spassky, Keres and Geller. In total, we shall say 64 moves.
12) Chess players, surely.
13) IachesisQ is presumably Nepomniatchi, and I guess Duhless is Dubov. To maximise my chances of getting at least one more correct, I'll guess Grishchuk for all the other three.
14) Adams - 4, Short - 3, Howell - 2, Nunn - 2 (I'm not optimistic at all about those ones).
15) Nakamura must be one. Let's guess Firouzja for the second.
16) The strongest I can think of (here come the difficult names) would be Alina Kashlinskaya and Radoslaw Wojtaschek.
17) Ben Graff, and how we did laugh.
18) I note this says England and not the UK, so let's just say London and Manchester, since we have no actual idea.
19) I had Korchnoi down here for a while, until I remembered he was never actually world champion. A lot of them died quite young - perhaps Botvinnik. For the women I want to say Gaprindashvilli again, which makes we worry even more about using her up earlier.
20) Fabiano Caruana
21) I can't even think of a non English speaking presenter, so I've got nothing here.
22) Father is called Henrick. Don't know about the mother or him, so let's just guess some generic Scandinavian names. My best source for this is the movie Frozen, so she is Anna Elsa, and he is Kristoff Olaf Sven.
23) Since I definitely can't spell any of the more recent possibilities, I'm going to hope it is still Sergey Karjakin. 
24) Wesley So
25) Don't know, so let's just pick some people who were around at the time. Staunton and Paulsen.
26) I don't know so, to make a cheap insult about Andy's age, let's say Zukertort.
27) Adams, Khalifman, Kazimzhanov, Topalov, Anand, Ponomariov.
28) Rachel Reeves - that one actually comes up on standard non-chess pub quizzes.
29) I don't like that this even says towns as well as cities, but let's see if I can even name 12. Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Bremen, Essen, Leipzig, Bonn, Postdam, Dusseldorf, Frnkfurt, Dresden, Dortmund.
30) Even if I ever knew this, I would immediately have chosen to forget any achievements by my teammates.
31) India, Ukraine, Russia, China, Hungary.
32) I think Ameet Ghazi might still be an IM, so I'll say him.
33) Jonah Willow
34) It must be me surely.
35) No idea
36) No idea - oh dear this is going rapidly downhill.
37) Ian Nepomniatchi and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave.
38) I know he got close, so let us say 500,000.
39) Illya Nyzhnyk - Ukraine, Nijat Abasov - Azerbaijan, Bogdan-Daniel Deac - Romania, Eduardo Iturrizaga - Ecuador, David Baramidze - Germany.
40) The only person I can think of for the forfeits is Hubner, but I don't think he is old enough.
41) Let's guess the lowest rated active chess player.
42) Topalov, though again I worry since I've already used him as an answer earlier.
43) James Jackson perhaps.

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