Monday, 14 December 2020

Tier Three Weirdness

Who'd have thought it? Kenilworth in Tier 3?? As they say in EastEnders (which is heading into Tier 3 itself, on Wednesday), "It's doing my head in!" Simply everything is weird these days, or at least that's the way it seems to me. I think I'm cracking up. (Possibly due to lack of draught beer!)

So walking along the Greenway recently, I chanced upon this piece of graffiti. Normally I would be going "Tut! Tut! - pure vandalism!" (unless it was an original Banksy on the wall of my house), but right now this resonated very strongly with my mood. You can keep your Question Time and reasoned debate - what we need is more of this type of political protest. From the heart, and to the point!

I think it was meant to read "HS2 is poor value for money", but they ran out of bridge!

And then I found myself having an hallucination in the car park at Packwood House. For inexplicable reasons, I immediately suspected that Paul had started misappropriating Coventry Chess Academy funds to build up a fleet of cars with personalised number-plates! Sorry Paul, but that's the way my mind is working these days. And you know you're in a bad way when reading car number plates is one of the most exciting hobbies you've got.

Would it be a good use of club funds to buy me a car with a KCC reg??

Actually, if its an impressive car registration that you want, you'll have to go a long way to better the one I saw in Prague in March!

Brilliant! - And I'm glad it wasn't wasted on a Lada!

But you really do know that the whole pandemic thing has got too much for you when, on a quiet Sunday afternoon stroll in the lanes near Shipston on Stour, you come across a signpost and think it's someone with a bad cold reading the football results. Pure madness!

A good away win for Spurs at St Andrews!

And I've saved the worst for last! While drinking a cup of coffee the other day, I suddenly noticed that I had subconsciously developed an overly strong attachment to the current Leamington League Chairman. Must be a case of absence making the heart grow fonder. Luckily for Ben, we have no option but to maintain a healthy social distance!

Everybody likes Ben, but I seem to have got carried away. And it is my favourite coffee mug, too. (If having a favourite coffee mug isn't also rather too weird for comfort.)

Well, that's all the weirdness I'm prepared to admit to - or am aware of! - for the time being. The sooner we can get into Tier Two the better. I need something a bit closer to normality. Like a Thursday evening at the Gauntlet! Though that will have to wait for Tier 1!!

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