Friday, 4 December 2020

Local Heroes!

Great news from the first ever Leamington League Online Individual Tournament, where KCC members came away with no less than 3 prizes between them, including 2 titles! Four of our intrepid souls embarked on this title quest a few weeks ago, and over 12 games of rapid chess ....... remarkably, they all finished in a tie for 5th-10th place (out of 34 starters) on 7.5 points!! They won't all be equally pleased with this, though, as their rating gain/loss for the event probably reveals:-

  • Bernard R +74
  • Ben +47
  • Joshua -21
  • Solomon +220

(BTW, no-one seems exactly sure what ratings these relate to - possibly ECF rapid?! Possibly not!?)

Before the last round, Bernard was one of only two people who could have won the overall title, but he went down 2-0 to Ammar Karim of Solihull, who finished miles clear at the top with a sensational 11.5/12.

But never mind, since despite this less than glorious finish, Bernard still scooped the title of LDCL Online U-1800 Champion - which only makes his disconnection travails on in the CDCL Online League even more frustrating. But the title was only won on tie break as our lockdown newcomer Solomon (we think he's a real person, but no-one's yet met him!) ended with a 2-0 final round win over Paul Silverman to claim the runner-up spot. But, in his typically magnanimous way, I suspect Solomon was not too annoyed about that, as he got ample compensation by taking home a title of his own, as LDCL Online U-1500 Champion. Well done guys, and how nicely balanced that the titles were picked up by one of our founding fathers, and our newest recruit. One on the way out, and one on the way up! Ben finished with two draws against Julian Summerfield, while Joshua continued his late charge up the table, with a 2-0 win over Gordon Christie.

Anyway, to celebrate the achievements of the club placing all 4 players in the top 10, plus two individual titles and one runner-up place, what better than the unspeakably beautiful theme tune, Going Home, from the truly wonderful film, Local Hero? As you can't get much more local than ..... er.... Warwick, Coventry, Bishop's Tachbrook and, thankfully!, Kenilworth. Take it away Mr Knopfler!!

Or if you would prefer a live version, then enjoy this - which has the added bonus of, seemingly, having Ian Beale from EastEnders on drums, and Bill Oddie on keyboards.

And let's finish with this even better version, which should give everyone hope. If he can play the guitar like this at the age of 70, we should all be capable of the odd good game of chess at the same age. Relax and enjoy this sublime performance, while toasting our glorious winners!

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