Wednesday, 23 December 2020

2020 Christmas Quiz - The Scores on the Doors

I thought that this would buy me some breathing space till the New Year, but it turns out some mad obsessive individual (not mentioning any names) polished it off on Day 1, and I find myself doing exam marking on Christmas Eve Eve! When I am not, nor ever have been, a teacher. I should have sub-contracted this task to Andy W or Leanne, who have far more experience at this sort of thing.

Joshua's post with his answers should have had Spoiler Alert plastered all over it, but as he did rather less well than I expected, maybe you shouldn't pay that much attention to his answers!

Never mind, though, as he obviously leads the field at the moment - and maybe for all time, as this could well be a walkover. His score is 40.5. He got the 0.5 because I was feeling generous - well, it is Christmas after all! One of his answers was right, but not quite specific enough for my exacting standards.

Anybody else wanting to make a serious bid to be this year's quiz king should perhaps send me their answers by e-mail, to avoid any further spilling of the beans. Especially if they plan to have rather more right answers than Contestant Number 1!!

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